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Top 5 sites from which you can earn money by doing affiliate Marketing

  • Let’s find out which site it is.


Fiverr affiliate marketing is a collaborative program in which individuals or businesses promote Fiverr’s services using customized affiliate links.

When people click on these links and make purchases on Fiverr, affiliates earn commissions.

This partnership often involves various marketing strategies, including blogging, social media promotion, and email campaigns. Essentially, it’s a way for affiliates to generate income by driving traffic and potential customers to Fiverr’s online marketplace.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger’s affiliate marketing is a program offered by Hostinger, a web hosting company. It allows participants to earn commissions by referring customers to Hostinger’s services.

Affiliates sign up, receive unique tracking links or promotional materials, and earn commissions when people click on their affiliate links and make purchases of Hostinger’s hosting plans or other services.

Hostinger typically equips affiliates with marketing tools, banners, and resources to enhance their promotional efforts.

Commissions can be earned either through a one-time payment for each referred sale or on a recurring basis for hosting plan renewals, depending on the affiliate program’s terms.

This affiliate marketing model enables individuals and website owners to monetize their online presence by leveraging Hostinger’s services and reputation. It creates a mutually beneficial situation where affiliates can generate income, and Hostinger can expand its customer base through word-of-mouth and online promotion.

3. Grammarly

The affiliate marketing program offered by Grammarly allows both individuals and businesses to generate income by promoting Grammarly, a popular online writing and grammar-checking tool.

Affiliates gain access to unique tracking links and promotional materials upon joining the program. When someone clicks on an affiliate’s specialized link and subscribes to Grammarly’s services, the affiliate earns a commission.

Grammarly further supports its affiliates by providing a range of marketing resources, including banners and articles. Commissions are typically earned for each sale or subscription renewal generated through the affiliate’s efforts. This affiliate marketing model empowers content creators and website owners to monetize their content by recommending Grammarly, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership where affiliates earn income while Grammarly expands its user base through its promotional activities.

4. Amazon

Amazon’s affiliate marketing initiative, known as the Amazon Associates program, enables both individuals and businesses to earn commissions through the promotion of products available on

Upon enrolling in the program, affiliates gain access to distinctive tracking links and an array of promotional tools.

When a user interacts with an affiliate’s provided link and proceeds to make a purchase on Amazon, the affiliate is entitled to receive a percentage of the sale’s value as a commission.

Amazon Associates equips affiliates with a diverse set of advertising resources, including banners and widgets, to enhance their promotional efforts. Commissions can vary depending on factors such as the product category and the volume of referrals.

This affiliate marketing model empowers website owners and content creators to capitalize on their platforms by recommending Amazon’s extensive range of products, thereby benefiting from a dual advantage of earning commissions and tapping into Amazon’s extensive product catalog.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs’ affiliate marketing program allows individuals and businesses to earn commissions by promoting Ahrefs, a renowned SEO and digital marketing toolset.

Affiliates enroll in the program, gaining access to unique tracking links and promotional materials. When a user clicks an affiliate’s link and subscribes to Ahrefs’ services, the affiliate earns a commission, often based on the subscription plan chosen.

Ahrefs provides affiliates with marketing resources, including banners and educational content. Commissions are typically recurring, offering affiliates a steady income stream for as long as the referred users remain subscribers.

This affiliate marketing model empowers bloggers, SEO professionals, and marketers to monetize their expertise by recommending Ahrefs to their audience, earning commissions while promoting an invaluable tool for online success.


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