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Exact Ways Make Money Online

How to make money online for complete beginners and the exact ways that it did to make 100 a day to go from zero to eight thousand dollars in thirty days to go from zero to thirty thousand dollars a month in a very short time and go to zero to one point five million in 12 months and the beautiful thing is you can go ahead and try it, two-day okay baby, let us get started with this so obviously as you can see making money lag is great because the fact that like, for example, me I didn’t even care about

making millions of dollars I didn’t care about traveling around the world I didn’t care about getting nice houses fancy watches I didn’t care any of that All I cared about was if I could find a way to make a hundred dollars a day or five grand a month if I could just go ahead and do that then I could finally win back my freedom that I didn’t have to work a job that I didn’t like that I didn’t have to go ahead and listen to some boss that didn’t value me or treat me what it is that I was worth

Zero To 1

that I could take you to know my loved ones and my family around the world and start traveling that is all I cared about but the hardest thing for me was every single thing that I tried completely failed I would look around and I would see all the gurus on social media flexing through Lambos and I was like that can never be me and it was just very hard for me to get started so obviously when you first get started making money online before we go talk about how I went from zero to 1.

Finally Gets Deposited In Your Bank Account

5 million in 12 months you Universe get what is called a belief check now what is a belief check a belief check is something where money finally gets deposited in your bank account for the first time online where you finally feel that this is real because if you’ve never made money online and it’s just like foreign to you like what it was for me because I’m Asian right and my parents were from the Philippines and I didn’t understand anything about sales or marketing or I was in tech-savvy I didn’t have one business bone in my body

100 dollars a day Walmart eBay

Everything just overwhelmed me I was like if I could just find a way to make just you know five dollars ten dollars twenty dollars online and I see it something will switch in my mind and this is exactly what happened I found one way they got me 100 a day it was like one of the easiest ways like this is literally how like you can see on Walmart as you can see I would copy and paste pictures like here and throw it up on eBay look this same gazebo thing is on Walmart and it’s on eBay for

like 200 more 200 more so literally when I was like a broke college student suddenly became a dentist right I was like um I need more money my friends are going out to restaurants I can’t afford to go out to restaurants I’m taking you know for example my girlfriend out at the time and I couldn’t afford to I was afraid if she was gonna go and order something and I was like I hope she open she doesn’t order the steak or I just want to go and live a life where it’s like the people that I love would go to

a restaurant they would order whatever it is that they want and when the waiter comes I would know that I made it because then I would just you know hand the waiter my credit card without having to worry about the bill I just wanted that that’s all I wanted it was all food-based related I know I’m a man I’m just a simple guy and the way that I did that to go ahead and start making 100 a day was let me just copy and paste pictures from Walmart onto eBay bam make

50 bucks

a sale that’s 50 bucks I remember the first time I made a cell the first time it was like leading up to Christmas and I remember was like 40 bucks and I heard the cha-ching noise from my eBay but I looked at it and I was like whoa this is real that sale was more important than making money that sale was more important than making millions that sale was more important than even making five grand ones because then I knew that it was real and all the limiting beliefs the money blocks all of the insecurities that I had in my brain

I was like ah I can go ahead and do this so how did that get me to the next level well the next level is I was like okay let me go ahead and see what else I can do and that’s when I went from zero to eight grand in 30 days when I started realizing that I could go ahead and make money online I was like okay well how can I make more money I started moving up the ladder and instead of getting like 10 to 20 profit I’m like how can I get more profit so you could see like on ClickBank you could sign up

for free and you could go ahead and get commissions for 146 dollars commissions 135 these people will do the shipping the handling the customer service they will take on all the risk will do all of the selling, all the shipping handling invest millions in inventory they’ll do the customer service all you have to do is do a little bit of marketing so I was like oh if I could just find a way to get like I don’t know a hundred dollars a day with this let me go ahead and see if I could go and do

Found Like A Fitness Product

This so I remember I found like a fitness product back in the day I was like let me go ahead and see if I can go to the rank for certain keywords on jump ropes right And you can see like check this out jump rope transformation like do you see like all these things that people are searching for look people are searching for jump rope transformation 30 days they’re doing it for transformation two months they even searching for jump rope transformation 30 days in my name when I go in and play this check this out I made a video of me

Hundred dollars a day it was a ClickBank

Right here like if I go ahead and play some of these videos you can see that oh look this was one of the guys that I essentially affiliate for and you can see that I’m like taking my shirt off Look how awesome I am promoting that and one of these products got me to like a hundred dollars a day it was a ClickBank product anyone could have promoted it and all I did was I was like let me go and create content based off of what people are searching for but I get it you’re probably wondering well Mike I don’t

want to show my face on camera I don’t want to put myself out there on social media I don’t want to be like a dancing monkey like you Is there another way that I can go ahead and make money online Well there is you can follow this brand new method that you can see cam go from struggling at his job that was slowly destroying his soul only making two grand a month to making over twenty thousand dollars a month with this brand new opportunity if you want to know exactly how he did it the sign up for in

10K$ A Month Profit It’s Just A Smartphone

the free Workshop below go to how we use the brand new Silver Lining meth and make three to 10K a month profit there’s money in your bank account whether it’s just a smartphone in as little as eight weeks without having to start a businessman without having to show your face without having to create content run expensive ads build complicated funnels or learn any of the hard skills but I digress so when I started like you know for example making all these YouTube videos and they started ranking and I

started turning all these YouTube videos into blog articles and I started turning all these blogger tools into Pinterest things I started gaining eyeballs from literally everywhere and the thing about getting eyeballs and attention in this name in the game of making money online is to understand this write this down those that get attention will make money currency is no longer dollars it’s no longer Bitcoins it’s no longer Chinese yen it’s no longer RuPaul it’s no longer you know Indonesian rupiah the name of

The game and currency are now attention and essentially what happened is when I started gaining more attention I was like Oh I’m getting more eyeballs and because I was getting more eyeballs more and more advertisers wanted to go and advertise on top of my content on top of my digital real estate I guess what I did I was like let me turn on AdSense and from that you can see that I started making thirty thousand dollars plus per month in like passive income what that’s nuts and the thing about it it

was like I was literally creating content running around making videos looking like a dancing monkey feeling like an idiot all my friends thinking I was crazy and then now passive income’s coming in and I’ll have the ability to make money online because what I just had like my little limiting beliefs I had some money blocks I was like oh I don’t know if I can deserve it people might judge me I’m not good enough I’m ugly I’m not confident enough why would anyone ever listen to me but I just kept

on creating content because what was the alternative to a job that I hated a boss breathing down my neck telling me what I should do at every single moment of my time when I can eat when I can sleep when I can poop when I could go and see my family come in the home to a wife and kids that do not see me because I’m spending all my time working for a boss that doesn’t even like me it’s just ridiculous I was like oh this life is hard but if I choose not to do this life is even harder does that make sense

I freaking did it and then I was obviously when I started making more videos and I started meeting more people I started networking huh when I Network I also make more money I started finding ways that went and allowed me to go from zero to five grand in 30 days to 1.

6 million dollars in 12 months in Shopify

6 million dollars in 12 months so go and do this right I ended up finding some guy who’s doing well with e-commerce in Shopify where all Shopify is, by the way, is it’s like you can create a Shopify website It will look like this right where people go and buy it I remember selling like these Grill mats okay so all I would do is the same thing that I did with like eBay and Walmart is I was like oh let me go and take Grill mats like this thing there are some cheap Grill mats like 3.99 let me go ahead and

buy one take pictures of it throw it up on a Shopify website and then start marketing it with things like Facebook ads or YouTube ads If I made a sale say for example it took me five bucks to make a 20 sale and my costume of goods was four bucks I would essentially profit ten dollars huh so I would take the ten dollars and I would use the ten dollars to buy more inventory but I would only buy the inventory only after I made the sale same way out here I would only buy this from Walmart only after I made the sale

from eBay and I already have the customer’s emails the shipping details and the money meaning there was like virtually no risk if I were to go ahead and buy low or sell High first and then Buy Low Does that make sense and just doing that alone and getting good at Facebook ads like you could see like I like it went from nothing and it went five grand in 30 days I was like this is not this is crazy to literally 1.

6 million in the first 12 months and my entire life changed I was like Mom Dad let’s go to the Philippines I was like let’s go ahead and do family time I wanted to take my loved ones my family my sister my mom my dad to the Philippines I’m like let’s go see our family it’s been a while we couldn’t afford plane tickets but now we can just because of this but obviously if you’re probably wondering well Mike I don’t want to run advertising I don’t want to go ahead and do e-commerce I don’t want to deal with

inventory and shipping handling and all that stuff Well again you could do exactly what Cam did to make 20 grand a month and all you have to do is go ahead and sign up for the free Workshop below and find out how we use the brand new Silver Lining method to make 3K to 10K a month Profit just a smartphone in as little as eight weeks sign up for the free Workshop below I love you guys and I will see you guys there


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